American Horror Story Season 6: Cheyenne Jackson Talks About the Nude Scene with Lady Gaga, Plot for Upcoming Season Revealed!

Cheyenne Jackson when asked if he would be coming back for American Horror Story Season 6 added that he still isn’t aware of it even if he is and he hopes that he is asked to be back for another season. The casting calls are expected to be made in a matter of a few months and Cheyenne Jackson added that his fingers are crossed, hoping for the best.

Cheyenne Jackson isn’t the only one who wants to be back for American Horror Story Season 6. Alexandra Daddario who played the role of Natacha in the fifth season has also expressed his interest to come back for more seasons. Even Ashley Rickards expressed her desire to be a part of Season 6. Rickards was part of the series in Season 1.

Seeing the demand for the series, showrunners Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk will have a hard time selecting the cast for Season 6.

There is no official information on what the fans can expect from Season 6. However, Australian Network has reported that the upcoming season of American Horror Story will have two plotlines running parallel to each other.

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