American Horror Story Season 6: Cheyenne Jackson Talks About the Nude Scene with Lady Gaga, Plot for Upcoming Season Revealed!

There are numerous posts on the social media about fans asking creator Ryan Murphy to bring in some of their favorite stars in American Horror Story Season 6. Those who are in the list are Emma Roberts, Evan Peters, Jessica Lange and even Emma Watson.

The fans are being vocal about the actors they want to see, and it looks like it is going to be Lady Gaga who will be coming back for some more horror in the sixth season of the popular show.

Lady Gaga had won the Golden Globe for her role in the series and Ryan Murphy is very keen on getting her back for the upcoming series of American Horror Story. Emma Roberts had been a part of the series in Season 3 and Season 4, but she couldn’t continue with the appearance in American Horror Story Season 5 because she didn’t have time.

It is being rumored that she might come back for Season 6. Emma Roberts herself informed Yahoo Celebrity that she and Ryan Murphy had decided that they will come up with something completely devilish in the next season of American Horror Story and it looks like fans might see her teaming up Lady Gaga for the upcoming season.

Evan Peters had been a part of American Horror Story since the first season and while giving an interview to Variety he stated that he has had an opportunity to play a lot of different characters in the five seasons of the popular show.

This time round, when he gets to be a part of American Horror Story, he will want to play the role of a character who is handicapped. This he feels be a challenging task and he would like to see how fares in it.

Cheyenne Jackson who was part of the previous season of American Horror Story has come to talk about his role. He was Will Drake in American Horror Story Season 5: Hotel. While his character of the fashion designer didn’t have much screen space, he did get the opportunity to do some outrageous things and one of them includes a nude scene with none other than Lady Gaga.

Cheyenne Jackson told Out Magazine that the nude scene with Lady Gaga wasn’t really a major deal and there wasn’t any awkwardness involved. Lady Gaga was very cool during the shoot and there was no issue with her when it came to being nude. For him, it was a little difficult since he was getting nude in prime time television in a very popular show that even his parents watched.

Cheyenne Jackson added that the nude part wasn’t the awkward thing, what was weird was when they started shooting for the scene. There are almost forty crewmembers all around you while you stand with a small covering on.

He did become a little tense, but Lady Gaga was very sweet and helped him relax. He added that while the role in American Horror Story was nerve wrecking and daunting, it was a very exciting one.

Apart from working with Lady Gaga, Cheyenne Jackson also got to work with Kathy Bates. According to Enstarz, Kathy Bates has been his favorite actress for a very long time and he had his first scene with her.

He added that he loves Ryan Murphy for letting him have some amazing experiences and for considering him for the role in such a major series. He added that everyone was a pro in the series and it was a privilege to be a part of a troupe of actors who were so serious about their work.