Criminal Minds: Paget Brewster to Make an Appearance, JJ Has a Brilliant Idea, BAU to Team Up with Interpol!

Criminal Minds Season 11 will see Agent Emily Prentiss coming back to join the FBI Behavioral Analyst Unit. There were rumors that Paget Brewster will be reprising her role in the upcoming season of Criminal Minds, but then she had denied it on the basis that she doesn’t have time for it.

However, TV Guide has informed that Paget Brewster will be back in Criminal Minds. She will not be a part of the BAU like she used to be previously, but will be providing help to the whole team. Prentiss is now working with the Interpol and Agent Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) will get in touch with her to help them track an UnSub.

According to showrunner Erica Messer, Paget Brewster was always welcome to join the series whenever she wanted to. It was Brewster who couldn’t make time to be back, but now it looks like she did manage to make some space in her schedule for Criminal Minds.

Even though she isn’t going to become a regular member of the show, she will be making appearances now and then, according to her schedule. Erica Messer said that Paget Brewster now has a show in which she has a regular role and plus since the story has given her a new role, her appearances will have to make sense.

They cannot just make her come back simply because she was such an important part of the Criminal Minds team.

Christian Post reported the Agent Prentiss had left the job at BAU in Quantico to take up a job in London with the Interpol. This will be the second time that she will be appearing in the series after leaving it. The first time she was back, was during the 200th episode and fans are again excited to see her action in their favorite series

Things get heated up in the upcoming episode of Criminal Minds. An 18-year-old girl, bare feet, with only a dirty nightgown on, stops a police car in St. Louis and informs that she had been kidnapped when she was 8 years old and had been held captive with two other girls, 15-year-old Sheila Wood and Violet.

The police confirm that Gina Bryant had indeed been missing since 10 years and so has been Sheila Wood, who was missing since she was 8 years old. Gina Bryant helps the police with every details that she can give about her captor. He is a white male, who is pretty old and goes by the name of Tom.

The members of the BAU trace the house where Gina and the girls were help captive They find Sheila and rescue her, but they can’t seem to trace the whereabouts of the UnSub and Violet.

The UnSub had been living in the house, whose owner hadn’t been seen for over 20 years. He had informed the neighbors that he was the owner’s grandson and since the old lady didn’t have any relatives that the neighbors knew of, this couldn’t be confirmed.

The BAU team analyze that the UnSub had known both Gina and Sheila’s whereabouts and had kidnapped them a long distance away from their homes with no witness.

The BAU figure that he is very patient and for him long term captivity is what matters rather than exercising any other control. However, the team cannot rule out sexual assault component completely.

Sheila dies in the hospital because of a complication from a miscarriage and the team realizes that both she and Gina had marks all over their back, which suggested that they were whipped.