All the Wishing Well Outcomes for Sims 4 Outlined In Detail, A Restaurant-Themed Pack Will Be Coming Soon!


  • Receive a call from the adoption agency, plus fee waived!
  • Temporary infertility, which makes the Sim embarrassed.
  • Child with awesome genius trait!
  • Evil Child
  • ‘Try for baby’ finally succeeds


  • Your sim automatically masters a distinct skill
  • Random skill raised by complete 3 levels
  • ‘Lack of talent’ moodlet, prepare your Sim for mortification
  • Skill-building boost
  • Sim has “Fogged Mind” which means trouble building skills, no focus, keeps ignoring task
  • Sim cannot build a skill for a certain time.

Now, here are some tips. In case you are already wealthy, it recommended that you don’t go wishing for wealth, since the Well frowns upon greed. There is no guarantee that you will have a positive outcome. Keep that in mind before wishing. In case your Sim gets into an extreme mood, you can use calm-down stuff like mirror yoga.

Beware because your Sim could die. The Well’s face could change, indicating a positive or a negative outcome. If the face lights up red, expect a highly negative impact. Green is positive, yellow is negative while Blue is neutral. It has been seen that White produces the best possible outcome.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Sims 4!