Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege: Three More DLCs to Be Released Within the Ongoing Year, Ubisoft Releases Update to Fix Matchmaking Issue!

Just in the recent past, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege received its first DLC in the form of Operation Black Ice. Fans of the game are in for some more good news as Ubisoft has already started teasing the next expansion packs for the game.

Operation Black Ice DLC brought several bugs and error fixes to the game along with a brand new map. The theme of the expansion pack was Canada. Along with the new map it also brought forth two brand new operators to the game.

The new map was in the form of a luxury yacht that had crashed against an iceberg and got stranded on the arctic waters. An unknown submarine was seen docking beside the yacht and players were tasked with heading out to the yacht and investigate the matter and secure the vessel.

Another new addition that the update brought was the Spectator Camera feature. Using this particular feature an 11th player is now able to spectate a 5v5 match in real time. The feature came with three viewing angles which were- the free-cam view, the first person view and the tactical overhead view.

Apart from these, the update also included some brand new weapons and weapon skins. It also worked towards fixing certain bugs and errors in the game. The update was rolled out in the first week of February.

Amidst the craze of Operation Black Ice, Ubisoft has already come forward with news regarding the next DLCs that the game will receive in future. At the company’s Investor Day event, it revealed that three more DLCs for the game are headed towards fans.

Ubisoft even revealed the themes for these upcoming DLCs and the time periods during which they will be released. All the three DLCs will be rolled out by the company within the ongoing year.

The first DLC which will have a theme of the US will be released in the second quarter of the ongoing year. The second expansion pack will be a Brazil themed one and it will be rolled out by the third quarter of the current year. The third DLC which will be themed on Japan will be released by quarter four of 2016.

Along with the announcement, Ubisoft also released a picture in this regard.

In other news, Ubisoft recently announced that a brand new update will be released by the company which would work towards improving the matchmaking system of the game. This new update was scheduled for a February 23 release for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

The update will reportedly make it so that players will be able to find matches with other players who are near their rank. The current matchmaking system is somewhat flawed as it does not take into account the skills or ranks of players while finding matches.

This often results in low-skilled players being pitted against high-skilled players. Beginner level players find it extremely difficult to compete if they are pitted against high-ranked players by the matchmaking system.

The new update will reportedly address this particular issue and fix it so that players of similar ranks and skills are pitted against each other in future.

It was reported that after the update is applied, the matchmaking will become more balanced. Previously, there was no limit on how far apart teams based on rankings are matched by the system. However, with the new update, there will be a limit on how far apart teams based on rankings are matched with each other.

While this is definitely good news for players, they should also keep in mind that it might lead to an increase in the waiting time to find a match. Players need not be online to update their game with the latest patch.