All the Wishing Well Outcomes for Sims 4 Outlined In Detail, A Restaurant-Themed Pack Will Be Coming Soon!

In the latest Stuff Pack for Sims 4, Romantic Garden, The Sims team finally brought back the wishing well. The Evil Children and The Wishing Well have returned. At the same time, latest rumors indicate that a restaurant theme pack is underway. Meanwhile, the Wishing Well temperament has a great effect on each possible outcome.

In order to increase your chances of being granted the thing you have wished for, you can spend or make an offering of $100, $1000 and $5000. Keep in mind that it doesn’t always increase your chances. Moreover, you can wish once every 8 hours.

There are 9 different categories of wishes and each of them can have their own six different outcomes. Romance, Happiness, Youthful Vigor, Wealth, Life, Promotion, Grades, Child and Skill are the nine different wishes. Meanwhile, an updated DLC patch will be released and it will introduce restaurants and markets in Sims 4. Let’s take a proper look at each of them.

Wealth has the following:

  • Use a secret in order to blackmail another Sim and you will be gifted money. Earn $3,000 Simoleons or more
  • Lose A LOT of Simoleons and your Sim will end up getting extremely angry.
  • Lose a few Simoleons
  • Win money, but your Sim will bet it away.
  • Win a few Simoleons
  • Win the lottery, over $10,000.

Romance (This is only available for single Sims)

  • “Enemy with Benefits”: Red smoke comes out in the well background. Another Sim appears with a full romance and a complete relationship bar. The two Sims end up having a love-hate relationship. They will start making out then before you know it, a major fight ensues.
  • Get access to a “Super-pickup line” which makes other Sim fall in love while in use.
  • Sims develops flirtations.
  • Your soulmate/boyfriend makes an appearance
  • Ghost boyfriend crops up
  • Well tells sim to “Give up,” gives sad moodlet, says “it will be a while” before romance comes in your life again.


  • Your happiness may be given to others.
  • Get a playful buff called “Can’t Stop Smiling” and it comes with a temporary Hysterical moodlet
  • 24 hours of Happy moodlet, but Sim will get sad after its completion.
  • Sim gets 24 hour happy mood with side effects or consequences
  • “Always Sunny”: All happy moods get increased to a full 24 hours
  • Your Sim becomes sad and sadly, gets everyone else sad as well. What a spoilsport!

Life (Only for the Ghosts)

  • No effect, Sim remains a ghost
  • “Potion of Youth”: Ambrosia appears in your inventory
  • Receive ‘Death Flower’ ingredient for preparation of Ambrosia
  • Ghost resurrects
  • Sim gets a taste of life, again meets death
  • Sim accepts their ghost fate, receives a happy moodlet but no life in the end.

Youthful Vigor

  • Sim turns into a ghost
  • Days added to your lifespan
  • Sim restarts on current age
  • Sim becomes energized, but feels quite horrible later on
  • Sim becomes energized
  • Your Sim starts to age. Bummer!

Grades (Available for Children only)

  • Performance standards get higher and better
  • Grades are significantly improved
  • Grades will automatically improve by a letter via completion of daily assignment
  • School Performance gets worse
  • Grade drops
  • Grades will improve even with lower performance standards.

Promotion (Only available to Sims with jobs, Teens as well)

  • Automatically Demoted / Sim gets fired (one sim became so angry with The Well; they suffered from a ‘cardiac explosion’ and died.
  • Promoted Instantly
  • Nothing happens
  • Sim has to restart their progress in their present career rank
  • Sim gets a bonus Check
  • Sim guaranteed promotion next day if daily work tasks fulfilled and at the same time Sim could lose their job the following day if they don’t fulfill their daily tasks at work.