Lindsay Lohan: Is She Being Broke Again? Supports Tyler Shield On His Exhibition!

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly gone broke again. The report was first made by Star magazine who stated that singer has been spending money like an A-list Hollywood actress when she is completely jobless and has used up all her savings. The magazine reported that Lindsay Lohan has a habit of spending exorbitantly and falls back on her rich acquaintances to bail her out.

Lindsay Lohan has been performing in the Broadway, but that doesn’t pay her like she spends. She supposedly didn’t have money to even come to London and had sell off her expensive designer outfits to get the money to buy the tickets that would get her to London. Even when she came to the city, she didn’t have a place to stay and would frequently put up with her close friends.

According to Rumor Fix, Lindsay Lohan has amassed a credit card debt of $100,000 while she owes $10,000 to her sister, Ari. She has other legal bills to look after as well. Lindsay Lohan reportedly blames others for her financial problems.

She especially blames her mother, Dina Lohan for leeching off her. However, this is a problem that she is solely responsible for.

Gossip Cop has come out to make it very clear that Lindsay Lohan isn’t broke. Star magazine has had a reputation of running stories that are completely baseless and false.

They have previously run two other stories about Lindsay Lohan that are false and baseless. Lindsay Lohan has been doing quite well on the Broadway and is making a decent living. She has been Hollywood projects under her belt as well and is clearly not broke.

Lindsay Lohan recently joined friend Tyler Shield who was in London to inaugurate his new exhibition. The Mean Girls actress was present at the Maddox Gallery and she went ahead in a very relaxed looking attire.

The actress put on a pair of black leggings with an asymmetrical top in beige and black. She had her hair up in a bun for the red carpet appearances with Tyler Shield and then let it loose.

Tyler Shield and Lindsay Lohan had been close for a very long time and the ace photographer has shot her in numerous high-fashion shoots for different magazines. Lindsay Lohan usually keeps a low profile appearance in London, but she couldn’t not be present for her dear friend.

The actress attended the event on her own, but she has always been good in mingling with people and was soon seen flitting from one side of the room to the other talking to people she had met at the event. Also present at the event were Petra Stunt, Sinitta, Immy Waterhouse, Tamara Ecclestone and Isabella Cruise.

Lindsay Lohan had posted on Instagram that she was back to work where she has done a photo shoot with Celine Bopp. She has been doing quite well at Broadway and Daily Mail reported that the actress is going to be soon back in a movie after 2013.

She is going to be working with a British cast that will include Gianni Capaldi and Charlotte Beckett. No further information is available about this project.

While Lindsay Lohan seems to be getting a grip on her career and personal life, her younger brother has just had a nasty brush with the law in New York. Michael Lohan Jr. was trying to bypass payment of parking fees by using a placard that stated that the vehicle in question is registered under the official business vehicle identification.