Lindsay Lohan: Is She Being Broke Again? Supports Tyler Shield On His Exhibition!

Michael Lohan Jr. when asked to furnish papers that substantiated that he worked with the public works department couldn’t do so and was arrested for having forged government documents and for criminal impersonation. His Audi was parked at the Gramercy Park with the fake placard.

Michael Lohan Jr. will have to go through six months of community service and the case has been sealed and dismissed. An early plea offer that he had rejected would have left him with two days of community service and a disorderly conduct conviction. The resolution made sure that Michael Lohan Jr. didn’t have any problem in getting his real estate broker’s license.

Michael Lohan Jr.’s lawyer Mark Jay Heller informed NY Daily News that the judge and the court had cooperated with the guilty since he had no prior criminal record. He also added that his client was very cooperating and compliant and the district attorney understood that he had to make sure that the incident didn’t end up hampering his career.

On other news related to Lindsay Lohan, the actress has been the target of numerous hilarious posts after endorsing Hillary Clinton for the Presidential race in a very confusing social media post. She has still not given any response to the confusion ensuing from the random post.

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