Alisan Porter Wins The Voice 2016, She Never Imagined That the Crown Would Be Hers in the End!

She found success as a child after starring in Curly Sue, a romantic comedy but her life took a scary turn when she kept struggling with alcoholism during her early adult years.

Alisan admitted that nothing is perfect and she still suffers from bad days. She focuses on her family, Brian Autenrith, her husband and two children, Aria, 2 years old and Mason, 3 and a half years old. They keep her on the right path.

Alisan Porter, the winner of Voice 2016 is taking advantage of the platform that was provided to her by The Voice. She felt like this was the last piece of the puzzle and she was never quite sure about getting it. She never got signed to a major level after 30 years of trying. She never had the opportunity of potentially being someone in the music business.

She further admitted that she got really nervous when trying to get selected in The Voice. She told the judge that it was a dream to be there and admitted that she always cried at home whenever she saw the other contestants trying out.

She hoped that during her audition, she wouldn’t cry out herself. In the end, she took a deep breath and sang and ultimately emerged victorious.

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