Alisan Porter Wins The Voice 2016, She Never Imagined That the Crown Would Be Hers in the End!

After weeks of performance and voting, The Voice has finally reached its season 10 finale. Carson Daly introduced all the coaches, Christina Aguilera, Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton. Daly declared that Blake’s fake Starbucks cup was filled up and they are ready to roll. They were soon going to find out the winner of The Voice 2016.

At first, Daly introduced all the guest performers, Sia, Zayne, Joe Walsh, Ariana Grande, CeeLo Green, Jennifer Nettles and Allison Krauss. Earlier in the season, ‘Special Friends’ were featured and they were brought back as well.

The first performance of the night was an upbeat song from Little Big Town. Their latest album has been produced by Pharrell and it will release by  the10th of June. There was a montage of moments between Pharrell and Hannah Huston.

Finally, Hannah took to the stage in order to perform a duet with artist CeeLo Green. Carson soon announced that the finalists will be bringing back their closest buddies from the season in order to sing with them. Kata Hay, Ryan Quinn, and Paxton Ingram were invited by Alisan Porter.

Together, they collaborated on the song ‘Straight On’ from Heart. The voices combined very well together and it was a little disappointed to think that Ryan Quinn was eliminated. There was a fun clip of Christina using her Snapchat. Next, Laith Al-Saadi sang a duet with Joe Walsh, Rock & Roll Hall of Famer.

They sang Rocky Mountain Way by Walsh. It was an impressive match-up and Saadi clearly had fun. Next, Wakefield gave full credits to Shelton for getting him this far. Sia’s performance was something that we have all grown quite habituated to. It was part experimental theater, part catchy melody and her face remained obscured throughout the entire performance.

Next, each singer in The Voice 2016 talked about what being on Voice personally meant to them. Alison Krauss, the 27 time Grammy winner and Wakefield collaborated on Willin by Little Feat. After that, we witnessed a faux Adam Levine biography and it included Shaquille O’Neill as a cameo.

Hannah Huston sang an Adele song with her buddies, Brian Nhira, Caity Peters and Bryan Bautista. There was another skit, focusing on Blake Shelton’s proclivity to gambling. Zayn from One Direction performed Like I Would. Blake Shelton sang “She’s Got A Way With Words” from his latest album. The song appeared to be something related to acronyms.

Laith sang Georgia On My Mind by Ray Charles and his friends, Owen Danoff, Katie Basden, and Shalyah Fearing accompanied him. Every time Carson declared the amount of time left before the final reveal, the audience gets another comedy skit.

There is a backseat Karaoke where every finalist ends up getting a Nissan. Mary Sarah, Nick Hagelin, and Justin Whisnant are re-introduced by Wakefield for performing The Spencer Davis Group’s Gimme Some Lovin.

In the end, it is revealed that Laith Al-Saadi wins the fourth place, Hannah Huston secures third place, Adam Wakefield in second place and Alisan Porter on the first place. As confetti falls, she brings a tearful rendition of the song “Down that Road”.

Alisan Porter told People exclusively that it never is like a fairytale ending. She never thought that they were going to call her name. It was always like she was wishing for it. However, ever since she sang her first song in The Voice, Porter continued to win American hearts with her soulful voice and her emotional journey towards happiness.