Spoilers for Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Revealed, Rick Eid Appointed the New Showrunner!

After the explosive Season 17 finale of Law & Order: SVU, fans are really excited about the upcoming Season 18. The show is currently months away from its release but rumors speculations and spoilers are already making their way to us.

The latest reports suggest that Olivia Benson and Captain Ed Tucker’s relationship will only go one direction: The direction of progress. The spoilers are here, so look before you leap.

When Law & Order: SVU returns with Season 18, the show will deeply focus on Tucker and Benson’s relationship. This particular piece of information was revealed by Movie News Guide.

The website reported that it was confirmed by Olivia Benson, the actress who plays Mariska Hargitay. During an interview with E! News, Mariska had a lot to say about Tucker, Robert John Burke’s character in Law & Order: SVU. She talked about how he changed her life.

The introduction of Tucker was a major game-changer because both the characters are very powerful and it was a delight to have someone who can match her energetically. It is great that she can have someone who understands her and is a more complicated character.

She can exhale because of the fact that he is so masculine, strong and powerful. Benson gets to be a completely different color. The SVU Team will also need to deal with Sergeant Dodds’ untimely death which took place in the finale episode of Law & Order: SVU Season 18.

In the years, ever since the series first started back in 1999, the quality has remained infallible. SVU is certainly greater than ever and the national dialogue which surrounded sexual crime has gradually evolved into something much bigger and better.

There were a number of topical issues tacked in Season 17. It featured all the cases of the week which raised important questions regarding what features consent when sexually inexperienced teenagers are concerned and it paralleled news stories at the same time.

Now, Season 17 finale was rather gripping but fans are wondering when Season 18 will start. However, it was declared by E! Report in February that Season 18 of Law & Order: SVU has been renewed so fans can be sure that more episodes are heading their way.

However, an official premiere date is yet to be announced. From the looks of it, Season 18 could begin in September 2016. For the past 17 seasons, the show’s schedule has remained quite consistent. Each season began in September and was concluded in May.

Meanwhile, Law & Order: SVU returned to its roots with Episode 21 of Season 17. It was a straightforward rape case. However, the rape occurred on a reality show, hence, it wasn’t so straightforward and the truth is simply whatever the producers want it to be.

It was clear that there was more to this case than what met the eye, as soon as cops walked in on the set. In the first half of the episode, people were left guessing and it was possible that the entire rape incident was fabricated by Melanie for ratings. It was possible that Ryan and others were lying. It was interesting trying to discover the truth.

The guys were jumping around alternate explanations that were far from rape but Rollins was the first one who believed Melanie. Fin and Carisi are really annoying whenever they don’t believe a victim even when Benson and Rollins have their doubts.

Michael Gross was quite enjoyable as a sleazy producer and it was pretty obvious that Mr. Prince was not at all trying to be helpful. They were covering up for something and trying to turn the nightmare into a rating frenzy.