Barry and Kara Likely to Fall in Love in Supergirl Season 2, Will Superman Join This Series? Let’s See

Sparks started flying after Barry Allen unintentionally ended up in an alternate universe in order to come across Kara Danvers, played by Melissa Benoist. The two superheroes make a great couple and with Supergirl finally moving to CW, Kara and Barry have a lot of chances to meet up and ultimately fall in love.

Sadly, Benoist doesn’t think that this will happen. Newsarama reported that she said she doesn’t know when the two characters will come together. According to her, they are quite similar and they are pals who would pig out on ice-cream.

The DC Heroes did not fall in love at first sight in spite of the clear chemistry between them when they crossed their paths in World’s Finest.

This has something to do with the fact that both these characters have love interests of their own. Barry is currently pining or Iris, played by Candice Patton and Kara is presently interested in James, played by Mehcad Brooks.

It was further noted by Cinema Blend that Barry had some romance with Arrow’s Felicity Smoak, played by Emily Bett Richards. After Barry went back to Central City, they didn’t really progress and he became his own neighborhood’s hero. According to Gustin, these heroes have similar personalities and they would make a cool couple.

According to Barry, they had a really fun dynamic and next year, they should have more crossovers than ever. During an upcoming major superhero crossover event at CW, fans can expect Barry and Supergirl to cross paths.

Mark Pedowitz, the network president announced earlier that four DC shows including Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow will come together in order to battle against each other. Season 2 of Supergirl will return on CW this year.

Supergirl recently finished its freshman run after following the news of possible cancellation due to a drop in performance ratings; the show found its new home in CW.

Peter Roth, Warner Bros. TV Chief explained that after being moved to a new network, the show could enjoy the opportunity of being extended to additional seasons in the future.

Supergirl’s shift from CBS to CW is a remarkable shift in every aspect. Roth explained to The Hollywood Reporter that the content in this show is more appropriately positioned on CW and according to him; it will enjoy a longer run than it would have on CBS.

Moreover, the sensibility of the show is more suited to the producers and what they really wish to accomplish. CBS was really good at helping it happen.

During an interview with TV Line, Ali Adler, the executive producer reported that the hunt for Jeremiah will be a major aspect the next season. People are quite aware of the fact that they are out there and they need to look into the story arc for the future episodes.

The romantic life of Kara will be well-explored in the second season, especially after her unexpected kiss with James, during the season 1 finale. There have been discussions about Superman’s possible appearance, ever since the show premiered.

Adler further hinted that there could be a possibility of Man of Steel being included in the cast as well. EP explained that it was always a conversation. They will come back to the answer that this show belongs to Supergirl but Superman lives in the same universe. Hence, at some point, they would definitely love to see him.

In the previous season, Win confessed his feelings for Kara but the latter told him that they cannot be more than friends. In the beginning, there was a certain measure of awkwardness between two friends who always did things together.  However, Winn finally came to terms with the fact that Kara had feelings for her colleague.