Agent Carter Season 2: Peggy Heads to Los Angeles, Wants to Work with A Russian Spy to Solve a Case, Atwell Talks About Her Character!

According to Den of Greek, the only character who doesn’t seem to work is that of Wilkes. He is completely devoid of personality and if he continues in this fashion that the patience of the audience is going to run out. There are viewers who feel that he might likely be a spy because that is the only thing that seems to make him a little bit interesting.

Hayley Atwell who plays the role of Agent Carter was a British actress who started her career on the stage. Atwell has also been in miniseries Any Human Heart, Pillars of the Earth and Cinderella. She said that she had been inspired by actors like Ralph Fiennes, Helen Mirren and Judi Dench. She said that she had wanted to be a part of their world always.

When asked how she felt about her character being the only one in the Marvel Universe who doesn’t have any super power. Hayley Atwell says that Peggy Carter is a very relatable character. She uses her wit and will not shy away from using her lipstick to poison someone.

Agent Carter has made female empowerment a hot topic. In a world dominated by men, she has made a mark without her special powers. She has highlighted sexism in the job front while dealing with sci-fi.

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