Better Call Saul Season 2: Premiere Opens Where the Finale Ended, Viewers Will Take a Trip Down Memory Lane!

The promise of a new Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) was what the first season of Better Call Saul ended with. The spin-off of Breaking Bad is almost here with its second season. The series precedes the time frame of Breaking Bad and is focused on Bob Odendrink as an attorney Jimmy McGill and traces how he became Saul Goodman.

Variety reported that some of the initial episodes of Better Call Saul Season 2 will focus on numerous qualities that are on display in Breaking Bad and because it tries to be laconic and relaxed, it tends to become a little boring. However, the show is addictive and viewers will lap it all in since something from Better Call Saul is better than nothing.

According to International Business Times, Better Call Saul Season 2 is going to start from exactly where it had started in Season 1. It shows a black and white sequence of Saul Goodman working in the pastry shop, Cinnabon. This is the place that Jimmy manages after he goes into hiding.

Given the fact that the words ‘S.G was here’ is etched on the wall, it looks like the second season of Better Call Saul is going to waste no time into trying to see the journey of how Jimmy became Saul and the subsequent change that is hinted at.

It is interesting to see that Better Call Saul Season 2 started with a flashback to the earlier season. Fans had been expecting Jimmy to Saul transformation in the first season were disappointed when Jimmy ends up vowing to Mike (Jonathan Banks) that he will do the right thing and go down the right path.

The flashback instance with Cinnabon is a reminder to the viewers that they know what the ending for that particular story is and that they should relax and enjoy. The opening sequence takes up the same scene with which Better Call Saul Season 1 had ended. The camera angle, the color pallet, is all similar to the first season and that to Breaking Bad.

Even though the show begins exactly where it let off, it picks up some different nuances. Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan try to work out more when it comes to the characters. Chuck (Michael McKean) starts a normal life and stands in the way of Jimmy, while becomes more of the heart of Better Call Saul Season 2.

These characters were predictable, but what is going to surprise the viewers is the role that Kim (Rhea Seehorn) starts to play in the second season of Better Call Saul. When Jimmy gives up his good job at Davis & Main and starts spending more time indulging in money scams bars and in the poolside with cocktails, it is Rhea who tries to make him see sense.

The pair almost starts behaving like a normal couple. However, this is just the showrunners way of showing the viewers what Jimmy will lose out on when he become Saul. Bob Odenkirk does a phenomenal job in the way he portrays Jimmy’s crisis.

Does he start a new job where he can get a lot of money, but has to lead a narrow life or does he keep his old job and lead a pathetic life. The complexity is made real with the way Odenkirk adds charm to the character of Jimmy McGill.