Downloading Update Error Fixes and New Features Introduced In First 2016 Clash of Clans Update!

Gamers of Clash of Clans have been facing a lot of problems with the freemium mobile strategy game Clash of Clans. They have been going through a rough time downloading all the new updates for the latest version of their mobile game. People are often running into error prompts that say ‘your device is not compatible with the mission’’.

There are many gamers who have reportedly panicked after receiving messages on their devices but the veteran players know right away how to resolve these issues and problems and fix them in return.

Supercell, the Finnish developer knew right away that it was some kind of a cache problem on Android devices since the IOS Clash of Clans players are not presently experiencing the same issues.

Therefore, Supercell is trying to make sure that players on Android devices stay on top of the game like all other Apple users. An advisory was released by Supercell, telling us how to get around the problem with the help of a quick fix that can be found on Android gadgets.

According to Supercell, the error ends up creating a problem that affects all sorts of Android devices. This affects both new and old devices and there is no particular preference towards OS version or the smartphone manufacturer, as detailed by iDigital Times. There are possible ways in which one can fix the downloading problem and they have been detailed by Supercell.

According to the game developer, gamers should navigate to the Settings app of their Android devices and from there, they can open the App Manager and after that they should select the Google Play Store option.  Meanwhile, they will be faced with two problems, one of them is a clear cache option and the other is a clear data option.

This will allow you to reset any corrupt data that is hiding out in the cache of Google Play Store. After this, gamers will be able to update their Clash of Clans to their newest version. Gamers should try signing in and out of Google Play Store in case the strategy does not work before doing a soft reboot of their device.

In case this does not work, they can always try to uninstall and reinstall the app or also install Clash of Clans with the help of an apk file.

Meanwhile, this is the second time when COC has had problems with updates for Android. Even in the previous update, Android users suffered a similar problem. Meanwhile, the IOS users were able to install updates with no problems whatsoever.

Meanwhile, another important Clash of Clans update has arrived and this is the first one of 2016. This update removed the Christmas Holiday theme of snow and introduced some new changes. It comes with a lot of bug fixes.

There is also a Loot Cart through which you can get some of your resources back after you have been attacked and looted.  There are new daily bonuses to earn money after gaining five stars.

After the Town Hall 11 update, the biggest issue in Clash of Clans was the problem of various bugs, money issues and matchmaking. The users were having a really hard time collecting gold, elixir and dark elixir for upgrades and many other things.

Meanwhile, another problem is that shields have been changed and it is very difficult for users to get an easy shield. People were getting attacked 3-4 times a day and losing a lot of money in the process while never earning any shields.