Actors Of Sherlock Season 4 Spotted Shooting In London, Tom Hiddleston Backs Out To Spend Time With Taylor Swift, And More

It has been a long wait for the fans of Sherlock and thankfully The Abominable Bride kept them happy for a few weeks. Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed that the fans are going to love what they have in store for Sherlock Season 4. He has teased the fans saying that he can’t wait for the viewers to watch the season and while it has been a long wait, it is totally going to be worth the wait.

Sherlock has always premiered around New Year, but rumors of an earlier release started when Martin Freeman hinted of a release around Christmas of this year. If that is not the case, fans can be rest assured that it is going to be out as soon as 2017 comes in.

Sherlock Season 4 is going to be a big one for John and Mary Watson. The couple are going to have a baby and this is going to be a major deal for Sherlock Holmes. He has had to adjust to John marrying and moving out of the apartment and now there is going to be a baby in their company. There are rumors that Mary Watson will be killed off in the upcoming season.

As for who is going to be the villain in Sherlock Season 4, Christian Post has reported that Culverton Smith (Toby Jones) is going to be Sherlock’s nemesis in the new season. Moffat is certain that Jones is going to be perfect for the character who had first appeared in The Adventure of the Dying Detective.

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