Actors Of Sherlock Season 4 Spotted Shooting In London, Tom Hiddleston Backs Out To Spend Time With Taylor Swift, And More

Sherlock Season 4 has wrapped up its shoot in Morocco and the cast and crew of the popular BBC series is back in the familiar turf of London, to shoot for the remaining part of the upcoming season. Benedict Cumberbatch is shooting with Sian Brooke lately and the two had been seen getting wet in the rain during one of London’s sudden downpour.

With Sherlock shooting for the much awaited Season 4, fans couldn’t miss out on watching Benedict Cumberbatch in action and hence numerous of them had flocked to the popular 221B Baker Street to watch the shoot when it started pouring.

The filming was stopped and actress Sian Brooke completely won the hearts of the fans when she posted on Twitter thanking the fans of the series for all their love. She added that it was a pleasure meeting all of them and hoped that they had all reached home safely.

From the looks of it, Sherlock Season 4 will see Sian Brooke’s character working as an ally of Sherlock. The two of them were spotted shooting at the top of Jubilee Bridge. Cumberbatch was seen holding what looked like a sheet of paper, which could either be the script for Season 4 of Sherlock or a piece of evidence from the show.

Daily Mail reported that while people prefer to stay indoors during torrential rainfall in London, the cast and crew of Sherlock Season 4 had to brave the weather to keep the schedule on track. Benedict Cumberbatch and the other cast members were seen huddling under large umbrellas in between shots, but then they served no good and neither did Sherlock’s trademark coat, since Cumberbatch was photographed soaking wet.

Sherlock Season 3 and then the prologue to Season 4, The Abominable Bride hinted at the fact Moriarty is alive and is back. The shooting for Sherlock 4 had started in April and creators, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss had hinted at the fact that incidents from the past are going to be dealt with and the story is going to reach its climax in the upcoming season.

In other news from Sherlock Season 4, it had been confirmed that Tom Hiddleston has been roped in to play the role of the third brother to Sherlock and Mycroft. This was a great news for the fans of the series given that Tom Hiddleston is a great actor. However, according to Parent Herald, Tom Hiddleston has decided to back out of Sherlock Season 4.

This shocking news came right after he confirmed that he is in a relationship with Taylor Swift. This news had already shocked the fans of the actor and the singer, when it was revealed that Tom Hiddleston had decided to back out of Thor 4 and Sherlock Season 4 in order to spend more time with Taylor Swift.

With news of Tom Hiddleston being signed in to play the role of the youngest Holmes brother, there have been a lot of speculation about Season 4 of Sherlock throwing light on the family life of Sherlock Holmes. Benedict Cumberbatch had confirmed this news when he spoke to Latin Times lately and said that the viewers of the series will find out more about Sherlock’s family in the upcoming season.