Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Release Date, The Justice Society of America Adds a Steely New Member, Nick Zano as Citizen Steel, And More

When the season 2 of the popular television series Legends of Tomorrow hits the screens, fans might expect it to be of a completely different flavour from season 1. The show which is up for a release this fall, will also feature an assortment of new faces. Apart from the introduction of the Justice Society of America(JSA); there are also reports of this time travelling spinoff, having possible crossover events with shows like Arrow, Supergirl and Flash.

The season one of Legends of Tomorrow concluded in a tease. When in the final moments of the season 1’s finale, we saw Hourman, a.k.a Rex Tyler, having found the remaining members of Rip Hunters time travelling crew, introduced himself as a Justice Society of America member. This paved the way for the introduction of the JSA into the second season of this DC TV series.

Although, fans are still in the dark about the exact line-up of stars in this coming season, there are reports of Legends of Tomorrow, having had cast Nick Zano from the television series Minority report. The actor shall be seen portraying the character of Dr. Nate Heywood, who is better known by comic book enthusiasts as Citizen Steel.

Now, if you are wondering who Nate is, then Dr. Nate Heywood is described as an historian, whose grandfather was Henry Heywood or Commander Steel. The character of Nate was introduced in the year 2007, while the character of his grandfather was introduced in the year 1978.

The comic books state that Nate is Henry Heywood’s grandson and the cousin of Hank Heywood III. Hank was also the grandson of Commander steel; he inherited the Steel title as well but unfortunately died fighting in the Justice League Detroit. Although, in the comics Nate is a retired football star, who had to drop out of the game after having shattered his knee in an accident, for which his leg had to be amputated and he became addicted to painkillers before emerging as a superhero.

In the TV series, he shall be introduced as an historian, the grandfather of whom, Commander Steel, was a member of the older Justice Society of America. As far as superpowers are concerned, Citizen Steel is a being made out of steel with super strength, super speed and invulnerability.

Nate came to have his powers according to the comic books, when some powerful metallic blood got absorbed into his system. This incident occurred when at a family reunion event, some neo-Nazis had come to kill off his brother and father. The blood from a powerful villain called Reichsmark, was absorbed in his skin which not only helped re-grew his amputated leg but made him a superhero made of steel and gave him an assortment of  other complementary powers.

It might be noteworthy to fans that this character is not similar to the superhero Steel that we know and love as John Henry Irons, who is one of Superman’s allies in Metropolis.

If Deadline, is to be believed then viewers will get to see the character of Citizen Steel on a regular basis along with other characters in season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow. So, we can expect to see him a lot aboard the Waverider.

Even though, the comic books portray Citizen Steel, taking after the heroic tendencies of his grandfather, who fought in the world war II and also his cousin(Hank) who also called himself Steel and died defending the innocent in battle. Deadline has stated earlier that the producers of The CW, are keeping the news about where the loyalties of their, Nick Zano played Citizen Steel, will lie, ambiguous.