New Characters And Changed Format In Once Upon A Time Season 6, Possibility Of A Wedding, Tinker Bell Might Be Brought Back, And More

The fans of the popular series, Once Upon a Time are running out of patience. Given the way in which the previous season had ended, the fans are dying to find out what’s in store for the characters of Storybrooke.

However, the wait is going to be a long one, since Once Upon a Time Season6 is going to release only in the fall. The best way to keep the fans busy during the hiatus of any series is to keep them informed and this is exactly what ABC has been doing.

The network has come out to reveal that Once Upon a Time Season 6 is going to depict the characters of Storybrooke in a different manner. This, as expected, has immediately piqued the interest of the fans. Inquisitr has reported that one of the major spoilers from Once Upon a Time Season 6 is that there are going to be new characters and they aren’t going to be included from fairy tales.

While there is a tendency to relegate the old characters into the background with the advent of new characters, this won’t be the case in Once Upon a Time Season 6. The new characters are going to help the viewers look at the old characters in a different perspective. Entertainment Weekly sat down with Adam Horowitz to get a better idea of this and he said that the characters will delve deeper and this will show them in a different light.

The story of Once Upon a Time Season 6 will pick up from the Storybrooke and all the characters will be from the Land of Untold Stories. This makes things interesting since the viewers have no idea which character is going to pop up and when. The fans are well aware of the fact that the showrunners will never let them down and they are looking for the exciting changes that are coming up.

Showrunners, Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz had made already made it very clear that Season 6 of Once Upon a Time will see a change in the format of the popular series. The season would initially depict two halves, because of the midseason hiatus.

This will not be the case from the upcoming season. Instead of two halves, the viewers will get to see smaller story arcs, which will go ahead to form the bigger picture. This isn’t new to the show since the first season had something similar.

Hofmag has reported that Regina (Lana Parilla) is going to have a tough time in Once Upon a Time Season 6. Her world came crashing down when Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) was killed by Hades (Greg Germann).

Robin wasn’t just the man she loved, but also the father of her sister’s child. Parilla has teased that Regina will have a tough time controlling her dark side. Many fans are of the opinion that with Robin being killed, Regina will try and mend her relationship with her sister Zelena (Rebecca Mader). While some will feel that Regina’s loss might cement her bond with Zelena, others feel that her dark side will prevent the bond to develop.