New Characters And Changed Format In Once Upon A Time Season 6, Possibility Of A Wedding, Tinker Bell Might Be Brought Back, And More

According to EW, there is another elephant in the room that the showrunners of Once Upon a Time Season 6 have been avoiding. The last season showed Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) reunite and this hinted at the fact that there might be wedding bells in the background.

When Horowitz and Kitsis were asked if there is a wedding on the cards in Season 6, they didn’t reveal anything out. They went on to say that the viewers should watch the season to find out what’s in store since they never know when the unexpected might happen.

Apart from these characters, fans of Once Upon a Time are waiting to find out what’s in store for Rumpelstiltskin and Belle. Belle had continued to forgive him every time he had slipped in the past, but will it be the same this time around.

Rumple had made a pact with Hade and this had a devastating consequence on Belle and her baby. Belle puts herself to sleep in the last part of Season 5 and fans are hoping that Once Upon a Time Season 6 will pick the story of these two and bring about an end.

Actress Rose McIver has hinted at the possibility of Tinker Bell coming into Once Upon a Time Season 6. She said that the showrunners have tried to bring her back quite a number of times on previous occasions, but her hectic schedule for iZombie didn’t make it possible. Now with the team in Vancouver, where Once Upon a Time Season 6 is being shot, there is a possibility of it working out.

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