Acne: Discussing its Effective Medication and Natural Cures, And More News

It is very common to see men and women in the age range of 20-60 years have acne breakouts. Doctors suggest that chemical peeling help fasten the acne recovery process in mid-aged people. It helps cure both inflationary as well as non-inflammatory acne as it removes the unwanted bacteria and the dead skin cells in the open pores. Consulting a skin specialist before heading for chemical peeling for curing acne is recommended.

Food habits help in tackling acne in a big way. Oil being the root cause of the problem, people with oily skin might consider the reduced intake of food products, which become a source of refined carbohydrate. Items like dairy products and white bread increase the level of oil in the body causing higher inflammation.

There are many ayurvedic treatments that involve use of turmeric, sandalwood and neem to reduce acne. Using regular kitchen items like strawberries, cucumbers and milk are often seen as easy and cost efficient methods of dealing with acne.