Alcohol Allergy is Not a Myth and Could be Life Threatening if Unchecked

Late Senator Strom Thurmond had made a very lasting change that has helped a large number of people suffering from alcohol allergies. Being a teetotaller, he lobbied for the words “Contains Sulfite” to be mentioned in wine bottles, which contain it, under the 1988 Anti-Drug Abuse Act.

There are a large number of people suffering from allergies of varying kinds. There are quite a few people who suffer from sulphites, and they tend to develop alcohol allergies when exposed to alcoholic drinks that contain even small doses of it.

People tend to develop splitting headaches and suffer from nausea after drinking alcohol and doctors are of the opinion that it is usually caused because the drinker suffers from sulphites that are present in the alcohol. Sommeliers from all over the world have reacted against this statement, saying that alcohol allergy is not necessarily caused from drinking sulphite containing wine, since products like shrimp and canned tuna and even lemons contain sulphite and these things usually do not even specify its presence.

Alcohol allergy can have dangerous outcomes because people usually do not come face to face with it until it’s too late. If the person is not aware that he/ she is suffering from allergy and over does the drinking binge, the consequent effect can turn out to be fatal.

Doctors suggest that allergies can be tackled if it is identified at a young age, and the child is brought into contact with the allergy-causing product in small amounts. Peanut allergy can be tackled by allowing the child to have peanuts in small amounts so that the body can get used to the allergy causing food items.

While it is easier to tackle allergies caused by food, what happens when it comes to alcohol allergy? Do you expose your kids to alcohol in small dosage to ensure that his body becomes immune, and he doesn’t develop alcohol allergy later in his life? This procedure has come under a lot of criticism from parents who do not think it’s the best way out. Alcohol allergy is rare but is a reality. People who suffer from alcohol allergy should avoid alcohol completely.