Acne: Discussing its Effective Medication and Natural Cures, And More News

Acne is often characterised by areas of blackheads, pimples and scarring. It is a chronic skin condition, which is genetic in nature. It is a common phenomenon among teenage kids and often marks the beginning of puberty. Acne occurs due to the increased secretion of testosterone and other hormones among growing teens. Acne is most commonly found on the face because of the high number of sebaceous glands present there.

Acne can be caused by a number of factors like genetic, hormonal, infection and lifestyle. Acne is easily treated with the help of proper medications. There are prescribed cures available with dermatologists, which include the use of tropical benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and azelaic acid. Companies like Dermia, are always trying to develop newer, effective and innovative ways to offer cures to dermatologists and in a recent presentation they spoke about a new medication called DRM01.

DMRM01 is going to reduce the production of acetyl coenzyme. This enzyme is a carboxylase that is important for the synthesis of a lipid that is an important aspect of the sebum lipid. Sebum lipid comes of the sebaceous glands and causes acne.

Medicine like Visine eye drop often helps safely dry the pimple region, which results in the safe removal of acne and its scar. Applying of sun screen on a regular basis helps protecting the affected area from UV rays, which stimulate melanin cells causing redness of the scars. Acne affected areas should be well coated with sun screen creams even on cloudy days to reduce the scar’s visibility. Dermatologists also suggest a chemical peel to fight acne.

Acne frequently leaves behind nasty scars. Rubbing of vegetables like potato and tomato are often said to help not just remove the acne, but also helps to reduce the nagging scar that it leaves behind. Ice cubes help in cooling the high sebum secreting glands, which reduces the amount of oil deposited on the skin thereby helping you get away acne.

There are numerous reasons behind acne breakouts. While it is very common in the pre-puberty age, it is also fostered by the lifestyle and food habits. Acnes are caused because of diet, liver, gall bladder issues. It is also caused by increased alcohol consumption, use of excessive make-up and digestion problems.