FDA Has Paved the Way for Non-Surgical Procedures to Tackle the Dreaded Acid Reflux, And More Details

Do you experience discomfort after eating a meal or from consuming certain types of food? Don’t worry! You are just one of the thousand others who are suffering from acid reflux. One of the most common ailments that we tend to see these days is acid reflux.

Some have it after consuming certain food products or from eating irregularly or too much of it while others suffer from it regularly. The symptoms range from discomfort and nausea to terrible burning sensation in the chest and throat. The patients of acid reflux often have a hard time lying flat on the bed at night.

There are medicines and surgeries that can help one to cure this nagging ailment. Lately, a particular non-surgical procedure called Stretta is getting a lot of preference with patients. When trying to talk to patients battling with this disease, it was found that those who have been suffering from acid reflux for over 20 years have also realised the benefit of this procedure.

Patients have said that they would have regular medications to get relief from this ailment, and there would be numerous occasions when the medicines will not be able to help them. They would go through days with only bowls of cereals because even normal meals would make them feel terrible.

The doctors suggest that non-surgical procedures are better than medication. A particular procedure called Stretta. It’s a kind of endoscopy, where you get the treatment as an out-patient. A leading doctor has explained the procedure. The treatment works with a device that sends radio frequency energy to the muscle that lies between the esophagus and the stomach. A natural barrier is formed by the creation of a muscle tissue. This barrier ensures that the acid that is being created in the pouch doesn’t go up.

Stretta is perfect for patients who do not want to be on medication for the rest of their lives. There are several patients who start suffering from acid reflux right from their young age and to continue with such strong medicines for the rest of their lives is not a good thing. They tend to develop vitamin and calcium deficiencies, which can again lead to more complications.