FDA Has Paved the Way for Non-Surgical Procedures to Tackle the Dreaded Acid Reflux, And More Details

Patients who opt for Stretta usually start realising the benefit of the procedure after about six months. It usually depends on their lifestyle. Patients can easily resort to eating their favourite food without worrying about feeling uneasy afterwards.

There are other procedures like Reza-Band, which are worn externally. The device exerts pressure on the cricoids cartilage and increases the pressure of the upper esophageal sphincter, through which the stomach content is regurgitated.

The band can be easily worn around the neck, even while the patient is sleeping and doesn’t cause any difficulty or uneasiness. Somna, the company that’s retailing the Rezaband has said that they are thrilled at the response they are hearing from doctors and patients alike.

The band is being retailed in over eight countries, including USA. The Food and Drug Administration has cleared the Reza Band. The band reduces symptoms of acid reflux apart from throat irritations, hoarseness of voice and nasal drip. Patients have been seeing the benefits within 2 weeks of using the band.