Abby Lee Miller: Resigns from Dance Moms Season 6, Files for an Extension, Replaced by Two Dance Instructors, And More

However, things will not turn to be very good for her. She will be pitted against new=comer Brynn Rumfallo and their head to head competition will see Brynn Rumfallo come out as the winner.

Maddie Ziegler might be back in Dance Moms Season 6 after a lot of speculation that the young girl will focus on her acting career, but she isn’t completely herself. She seems to be more focused on the photo shoot by Seventeen Magazine that will be focused on her than dancing.

The team from Seventeen Magazine visit the Abby Lee Dance Company studio in order to have a work with Abby Lee Miller since they want to shoot Maddie Ziegler for their cover story.

They also plan on a fashion story based on her. The magazine is going to give two more girls the opportunity to pose with Maddie Ziegler in the magazine and the mothers are super excited about the chance.

The mothers are shown pushing their daughters to win the opportunity since it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and every teenage girl dreams of posing for the cover of Seventeen Magazine.

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