Pokémon Z: Likely to Release Alongside Pokémon GO, Zygarde to Be the Title Pokémon of the Game!

Fresh details regarding the upcoming Pokémon Z state that it might be released alongside another Pokémon game- the Pokémon GO. It is highly unlikely that Pokémon GO will make an appearance before the second half of the current year.

If the rumors of both the games releasing together are to be believed, it is unlikely that the games will be seeing the light of the day anytime soon. It was previously reported that Pokémon Z will be released within the first half of 2016.

Game Freak, the developer behind other Pokémon games like Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and Pokémon X and Y, was believed to be developing Pokémon Z too.

That being said, both The Pokémon Company and Game Freak have been tight lipped about the development of the game and other details related to it. The last Pokémon game was released back in 2013 and it was the Pokémon X and Y. As a considerable amount of time has passed since its release, anticipation among fans regarding a new Pokémon game is growing by the day.

Pokémon X and Y is going to be succeeded by Pokémon Z and it has become the hot topic of discussion across many a forum. Details have been scarce regarding this upcoming game but just in the recent past, CoroCoro magazine revealed a major aspect of the game in one of their issues.

CoroCoro magazine provided fans with some insights regarding a Pokémon by the name of Zygarde which will be featured in the upcoming game. The magazine gave fans a glimpse of the Pokémon through a series of images. Apparently, this Pokémon is a combination of the Xerneas characters from Pokémon X and the Yveltal characters from Pokémon Y.

Five different forms of this character will be featured in the upcoming game. One of the forms of this character in the game is the Cell Form and in this stage it will lack any self-awareness. It will reportedly be portrayed as a very powerful Pokémon and it is going to be the star of the game.

Apparently, it gets its name from the term Zygote which is basically a cell formed by fertilization. The zygote will hold all the necessary information that the Pokémon needs to transform itself into a complete being.

It will go through various stages of development during which it will take formations similar to a dog and a serpent. In the last stage of its development it will absorb all the available nearby cells and its body will become complete. After this stage, the Pokémon acquires a humanoid form.

In the recently released Pokémon 20th Anniversary Super Bowl Ad, fans witnessed a host of references to Pokémon as a whole but unfortunately there were no specific mentions about either Pokémon Z or Pokémon GO.

Thus it is being speculated that Nintendo might decide to divulge some specific details about the games during the extra DLC launch for Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The DLC for Super Smash Bros is scheduled to be released in the month of February.

Fans are also speculating that the developers might come forward with concrete news about Pokémon Z in EVO 2016 which is scheduled to be held in July.

A fighting game called the Pokken Tournament will be held in the EVO event and this has sparked rumors that Nintendo might reveal something specific related to Pokémon Z in the upcoming event.

2016 is being called the Year of Pokémon because it marks the twentieth anniversary of the release of the first Pokémon game. Fans of Pokémon are in for some treats as the Pokémon Company has announced a series of things for them to celebrate the special occasion.