Abby Lee Miller: Resigns from Dance Moms Season 6, Files for an Extension, Replaced by Two Dance Instructors, And More

Abby Lee Miller had tried to portray a tough exterior for so long on Dance Moms Season 6. She had been very sure that the court will not be able to do any harm to her and had been very confident about that aspect of her life from her students and their mothers at the Abby Lee Dance Company. However, things did change since the fourth episode.

The fourth episode of Dance Moms Season 4 saw Abby Lee Miller excuse herself from the auditorium where her students were set to perform for the Dream National Dance Competition. She informed the mothers that she is expecting a call from her lawyer about some news from the court and she needed to answer the call.

The camera soon saw Abby Lee Miller in tears while talking to her lawyer on the phone. She said that she had done everything she was asked to do. While she was backstage, she was again heard talking to someone on the phone and reportedly said that her career would be over.

Design & Trend reported that the upcoming episode of Dance Moms Season 6 will unfold more drama. Abby Lee Miller was absent from the whole dance competition and the mothers while they are sympathetic towards her situation, aren’t very pleased with the way she has been behaving recently.

When some of the mothers, including Melissa Gissoni head to check on Abby Lee Miller, she screams at them and asks them to go out.

According to International Business Times, Abby Lee Miller has resigned from Dance Moms Season 6 via email. She took the decision to quit the show following her meltdown in the previous episode.

The news was revealed by one of the mothers from the junior team. The students from Abby Lee Dance Company were set to perform in another dance competition and when Abby Lee Miller was again absent from it, the mothers and the students had to make a tough choice of backing out or continuing without her.

HNGN has reported that Abby Lee Miller had filed for a third extension for her trial. She stated that she needed more time to gather information and her plea was accepted. It is believed that Abby Lee Miller decided to quit the show to focus on her case since things might be getting serious.

The fifth episode of Dance Moms Season 6 seals the report since the title is called Abby’s Replaceable and will bring in two new dance instructors to fill her shoes. Abby Lee Miller doesn’t open her studio for her students and that is when the mothers decide that they have to take things into their own hands.

The trailer for the upcoming episode shows Nia Frazier and Kalani Hilliker training with Debbie Allen at her dance academy. There isn’t any further notice, but the episode synopsis reveals that the duet will not be an easy one for the pair and they will be pushed to their limits for it.

Apart from Debbie Allen, Nakul Dev Mahajan, known as Hollywood’s favorite Bollywood choreographer, will be stepping in to teach the junior elite and the mini teams a Bollywood dance number.

Nakul Dev Mahajan will not be happy with what he sees in the girls and is shown saying that the performance is very messy. All this happens while Abby Lee Miller’s assistant Gianna looks on, worried.

With Abby Lee Miller out of the picture, the fans have Maddie Ziegler to focus on. The talented dancer is back from shooting her first film, The Book of Henry and is ready to get on the stage to perform.