2016 Apple MacBook Pro: Latest Updates and Rumors, Device Might Be Solar Powered, Likely to Hit the Market by March!

According to a renowned website, the reason behind the delay in release of the device could be the fact that Apple had launched the iPad Pro during the holiday season and thus it did not release the Mac Pro to prevent any sorts of in-house competition between the two. Two devices from the same company launched at the same time would affect the sales of both the devices.

The latest reports claim that 2016 MacBook Pro might be unveiled at the Spring Forward event of Apple which is scheduled to begin on March 9. There is a possibility that the 15-inch version is unveiled at a later date of March 19.

The Cupertino-based tech giant recently provided fans with a sneak peek at the secret design studio of Jony Ive during “60 Minutes”. It was during this short tour that some viewers were able to spot a laptop in the background that they assumed was the upcoming 2016 MacBook Pro.

Fans were of the opinion that the laptop had a different appearance than any of the Mac Pros currently available in the market and thus speculations started building up that this was actually the new Mac Pro that is yet to be released by Apple.

The speculations however, were shot down by Apple when the company announced that the laptop spotted in the video was not the 2016 Mac Pro and is actually one of the Mac Pros that are already in the market.

Stay tuned for more update on 2016 MacBook Pro.