Celine Dion Receives Love and Prayers from Ariana Grande over the Death of Her Husband and Brother!

Celine Dion has faced devastating losses over the last few days and Ariana Grande expressed her condolences to the singer on Twitter. René Angélil, husband of Celine Dion died at the age of 73 on 14th January, while battling with throat cancer.

At the same time, her brother, aged 59 passed away on 16th January. He had tongue, brain and throat.  “My heart is just breaking for @celinedion. Sending all the love and prayers imaginable,” was tweeted by Ariana Grande. The funeral of Celine’s husband Rene will take place at Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal.

The public will be able to pay their respects through A Chapel of Rest which has been scheduled for them on 21st January from 2 to 9 pm. Meanwhile, on 22nd January, a religious service will take place at 3pm.

On 23rd January from 2 to 5pm and 7 to 10 p.m. at Salon Charles Rajotte in Repentigny, a visitation will be held for Daniel. At St-Simon-et-Jude Church in Charlemagne, the funeral services will take place. The statement released on Celine Dion’s website on 16th January reads, “The family requests that in honour of their brother’s memory, their privacy be respected in this time of grief.”

In other news, Ariana Grande delivered a charming and personal interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live which took place this Friday Night. She didn’t shy away from any questions, easy or tough and the “Love me hard” singer even had an answer for the question “What’s the difference between lip gloss and lipstick?” Grande managed to keep a straight face and to Kimmel that the lipstick is a stick followed by “the gloss is a gloss”.

This was just one of those many revelations which people really like Grande. Other important stuff like the 22 year old singer’s dedicated social media following was also discussed. If you didn’t know already, her followers are known as Arianators. Grande explained that this was a self-given name for the followers.

Ariana revealed that she originally called them the Ariana Army and later she started calling them Tiny Elephants. Over due course of time, Ariana has proven herself to be a devout social media person. She has 56M followers on Instagram and over 35 million followers on Twitter.

However, she explained that she doesn’t take her large audience for granted and in reality she cares a lot about them. Furthermore, she cares a lot about her fans and this is why she won’t be revealing the name of her new album before she lets them hear her new music.

Grande said, “A really long time ago, I was convinced that it was going to be called Moonlight.” “Now, as we’re wrapping things up, of course, I’ve sort of been writing and singing and we’re at the, you know, final stretch.

Now, there’s this other song that’s thrown me for a whirlwind and I love it so much…I don’t know if I want to share it yet. [The fans] haven’t heard any of it.” When it came to the topic of fans, Grande revealed that whenever her fans meet her, they usually have three different reactions.

She revealed, “They either come in very confidently and they know what they want. They know what poses they want for our pictures. And they’re like, ‘Yasss girl’ — they come in with energy.” ”Or they come in crying. Or they’re the ones that are really, really quiet and their parents are forcing them to come in.”