Celine Dion Receives Love and Prayers from Ariana Grande over the Death of Her Husband and Brother!

Grande also revealed that in some cases, she is the fan who tends to be freaking out. According to her Imogen Heap is her all-time favorite artist and she shared a story of meeting the singer. “I’m in love with her. I’m obsessed with her. She’s incredible. She’s a genius. And I’ve loved her forever,” she spouted.

Meanwhile, after performing in United Kingdom, Ariana Grande was invited to have a dinner with Heap and Grande thought it was a trick.

“I was on my way to her house. It was a really long, long, long drive. Eventually, I thought I was being catfished,” Grande revealed. “I thought it wasn’t really going to happen. I was like; she doesn’t want to have dinner with me. This is all a joke. I’m driving to my death right now. I’m about to be murdered.

According to Grande, she was actually convinced that she was dead and it was all a dream and as a result, she doesn’t remember what they had for dinner.

In the meantime, Jimmy Kimmel managed to extract some details regarding her upcoming third album and from the looks of it, her forthcoming album might not be called Moonlight.

Earlier, Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes dated for a fleeting four months in 2013 and then they moved on really fast. Much to our surprise, it seems like they are okay at the moment and they have decided to work together, according to latest reports.