Fallout 4: Rumors Continue to Surround the First DLC of the Game, Mod Brings Thomas the Train Engine to Fallout 4!

Fallout 4 was released by Bethesda on November 10, 2015 and it went on to become one of the highest grossing games ever from the Bethesda stable. It has been a great journey for the post-apocalyptic themed game so far and is still in high demand among gamers of all ages. Various rumors about the game’s upcoming DLC have already started circulating all over the internet.

The latest reports indicate towards a March release for the game’s first DLC. The developer of the game, Bethesda had earlier announced that they will release more than one DLC for the game in the ongoing year. The rumors regarding the upcoming DLC were further fueled when some supposedly leaked screenshots of the DLC was posted by Imgur on their site.

According to the leaked screenshots posted on Imgur the first DLC might be Aquatic-Based. It might incorporate underwater exploration into the game. A number of waterbodies are found by players scattered all across the wasteland in the game. The latest rumors suggest that players might be able to explore these water bodies in the future.

Apparently a Fallout 4 fan has stumbled upon a new explore-able area within the game that is located under water. The player reportedly fell into the ocean and decided to scan the area when he reached the floor of the ocean. Reports state that not only did he find a lootable item hidden inside a car which was submerged in the water, he also came upon a structure that looked somewhat like a pump.

After finding the lootable item, the player’s attention was drawn towards a lit area where he found the said structure. The structure was inaccessible as it did not have any doors and an in-game message found near the structure read- “You cannot go that way”. Discovery of this pump has sparked rumors that it will be a part of the upcoming DLC.

The idea of underwater exploration cannot be completely blown away as a player was previously able to unearth a harpoon like weapon which was hidden in the game’s code. This weapon is meant to be used underwater and the leaked images at Imgur showed a player standing on the bottom of an ocean floor.

All these have led fans into believing that underwater exploration in Fallout 4 might actually become a reality sometime in the future.Mods have been an important part of the game since it was released.

Various mods have been created and released by fans using the mod-creation kit of the game. A latest mod created by a modder by the name of Trainwiz brings the famous Thomas the Tank Engine to Fallout 4.

NexusMods user Trainwiz had earlier created a Thomas Tank Engine mod for another popular game Skyrim back in 2013. Apparently, the renowned modder has done it again for Fallout 4. The Thomas Train Engine mod works towards replacing various in-game items and characters with Thomas.

Some of the items and characters that the mod replaces with Thomas include vertibirds, deathclaws, mini-nukes and missiles. The mod also adds matching sound effects to the game that goes with the antics of Thomas.

Some of the other popular mods currently used by players include the likes of the Personal Jetpack Mod, the Fallout 4 Seasons Projects Mod, the Grenade Expansion Pack Mod, the Power Armor Animation Change Mod and the Self-Guided Sniper Bullets Mod.

The Personal Jetpack mod has been created by idlesheep and it gives players a private jetpack which they can use to fly around the vast span of the wasteland. Players do not take damage if they fall or crash while using this jetpack.