Fallout 4: Rumors Continue to Surround the First DLC of the Game, Mod Brings Thomas the Train Engine to Fallout 4!

The Fallout 4 Seasons projects mods allows players to incorporate all the four seasons in Fallout 4. The mod adds spring, summer, fall and winter to the game and players can choose to switch between any of these seasons within the game. It has been created by GameDuchess and can be combined with some additional mods for the best effect.

The Grenade Expansion pack created by Seanms1991 adds various additional grenades to the game. This mod brings a total of 32 brand new grenades that can be crafted by players in the game.

A few of these craft-able grenades are- explode-on-contact grenades, chemical grenades and some other throw-able grenades. It even allows players to throw mines at enemies which are disguised as regular household objects.

The Power Armor Animation mod speeds up the entire process of putting on and taking off a powered armor. It has been created by SomberX and can even be used to completely remove the animation associated with putting on and taking off a power armor.

The Self-Guided Sniper Bullets mod by Artesia58 comes to the aid of players who do not have the best aim in the game. A targeting computer can be added to a number of weapons using this mod which has the capability to track and hit a target with 100% accuracy.

Stay tuned for more update on Fallout 4.