Xiaomi Mi5: Branded the Cheapest Flagship Smartphone in the Industry, Pro Variant Likely to be Revealed in April, Packs in Additional Specs!

The Xiaomi Mi5 has USB Type-C support. It is great to see a new USB standard support on the latest device from one of the world’s leading smartphone makers. It looks like Xiaomi has finally paid attention to user requests from around the world.

The Xiaomi Mi5 comes with a beautiful display with curved edges, fast fingerprint sensor and the latest LTE modem.

Another feature that grabs our attention is that the Mi5 is lighter than the other smartphones boasting the same features while housing a pair of Nano-SIM card slots.

Some nifty Xiaomi features include built-in Call Recording Option and Granular App Management.

This Xiaomi Mi5 can be dubbed a poor man’s Galaxy S7 or iPhone 6S. This smartphone is definitely going to raise the standards of the smartphone industry and is on the way of creating a World where cheaper smartphones are nothing short in terms of performance, as compared to their branded and expensive counterparts. It is going to be a benchmark in the smartphone industry without a question.

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