A Quick-Look at The Latest Update for Clash of Clans, Update Brings a Number of Bugs and Errors to The Game!

The latest update for the immensely popular game- Clash of Clans was recently rolled out by its developer Supercell. It brought several new aspects to the game alongside a brand new troop. This particular troop is actually a Dark Elixir troop that has been titled the Bowler.

Players will be able to unlock this troop once they reach Town Hall level 10. For a long time, players have been complaining that no new dark elixir troop was unlockable at the Town Hall level 10.

Supercell took notice of these complaints and introduced this brand new troop which will be trainable once the Dark Barracks are upgraded to level 7, which players will be able to do upon reaching Town Hall level 10.

The Bowler is a troop that carries huge boulders which it throws at targets when deployed. The troop is deep blue in color and has a fitting appearance compared to its abilities. The specialty of the Bowler is that the boulders thrown by it can hit two targets when deployed in a proper way.

After hitting the first target, the boulder bounces off of the building and goes on to hit the next building in a straight line. Both of the strikes are made with equal amount of power.

However, it should be noted that the boulders only bounce off in a straight path and hence if there is no building after the first obstacle in a straight path, the second strike will be a waste.

The Bowler has become extremely popular among clashers in a short amount of time. Players are using it in a cross-pattern to cause an immense amount of destruction to any base. The troop can be used in defense too and since it has the capability to hit multiple targets, it is particularly effective against hordes of skeletons raised by the Witches.

New troop levels are also introduced to the game for the Hog Rider and the Goblin. The Hog Rider and the Goblin previously maxed out at level 5 and level 6 respectively.

The new update adds another level of upgrade to these troops, which means that currently, the max level of Hog Rider is level 6 and that of the Goblins is level 7. Now, players will be able to max out the levels of these troops at the Town Hall 10.

New levels for defensive structures are also brought forth by the update. The defensive structures which received new levels after the update are the Mortar and the Inferno Tower. In the past, the Mortar maxed out at level 8 and the Inferno Tower at level 3.

However, now players will be able to upgrade the Mortar to level 9 and the Inferno Tower to level 4. Both of these upgrades will be unlocked at the Town Hall 11 level.

A significant aspect that the update brings is the reworked Valkyrie. Valkyrie is one of the most under-utilized troops in the game. Players have stated that the troop takes too much time to mobilize attacks, which results in it getting killed before dealing a significant amount of damage.

However, the developers have reworked the troop and it is now much faster compared to how it was previously. While the movement speed remains same, its attack mobilization speed has been increased.

That apart the damage per second of the troop has been increased and its hit points have been reduced. Supercell feels that the troop will be able to find more usage after the update.

The damage dealt by Wiz Towers have also been increased. However, the damage increase is for Wiz Towers from level 5 to level 9. The matchmaking system of Clan Wars have also been reworked and now it is more balanced resulting in more evenly-matched opponents being pitted against each other.

Apart from these, the update also brings some other tweaks, improvements and fixes. Readers can check out the detailed list of changes here.