A Quick-Look at The Latest Update for Clash of Clans, Update Brings a Number of Bugs and Errors to The Game!

Some reports are coming in which suggest that the new update has brought about a lot of bugs and errors to the game. An issue which is repeatedly coming forward is related to the clan-wars matchmaking which was reworked by the update.

Players are complaining that on many occasions the clan-war search is not yielding any results. It was also reported that sometimes the searches are taking an unusual amount of time.

The matchmaking system also appears to be more flawed now with maxed out clans being pitted against beginner level ones. On one instance a clan comprising of maxed out Town Hall 11 bases was pitted against another clan which comprised of bases that have just reached Town Hall 11. Needlessly to say the latter suffered a humiliating defeat at the hand of the former.

Various reports are also suggesting that players are not able to install the latest update from the Google Play Store. While trying to do so, a “device not compatible” message is being showed to them.

The good news is that Supercell has taken notice of the problems and has promised that the developers will sort them out as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for more update on Clash of Clans.