Ashton Kutcher Shoots Penalties in Buenos Aires, Rumors Circulating About Him and Mila Kunis Having a Second Baby!

Ashton Kutcher had started his career with the popular sitcom That ‘70s Show, where he played the role of the lanky Michael Kelso. He has ended up marrying his co-star Mila Kunis from the show and has now reunited with Danny Masterson, one of his other co-star from That ‘70s Show.

The duo came together for the Netflix comedy The Ranch that will start from the 1st of April. The comedy is set to have twenty episodes. As Movie News Guide reported, in order to promote the Netflix show, Ashton Kutcher was present at the River Plate El Monumental in Buenos Aires along with Danny Masterson.

The two stars were there to promote The Ranch and he used the opportunity to show his talent in football by using the opportunity to kick some balls. The actor supposedly has a huge love for the game and was even photographed hitting some penalty shots with the fans.

It is actually no surprise that Ashton Kutcher is a fan of football since he had been present in Maracana to watch the World Cup fight between Germany and Argentina. He had headed to the River Plate El Monumental, which had played host to star footballers like Trezeguet, Crespo, Di Stefano to name a few, while wearing an Argentina jersey.

In his personal life, Ashton Kutcher married his girlfriend Mila Kunis on the Fourth of July weekend last year and is leading a normal life being a father to their 18 months old daughter, Wyatt Isabelle.

The gushing father had been to The Ellen DeGeneres Show where he revealed that since Mila Kunis and he are very private, they didn’t want the paparazzi to click photos of Wyatt before she was a year old and hence would stay hold up at home.

Ellen DeGeneres had asked him what they did at home for the whole day when he wasn’t working and Ashton Kutcher had responded saying that he would watch The Voice on television. Ashton Kutcher had been watching the show closely and had come across the performance of Vernon Barnard.

He is a blind contestant on the show who had been making quite a ripple with his voice. Ashton Kutcher was so captivated by his performance that he ended up sharing his tear jerking performances on his Facebook page and even on his website. He asked his fans to check the link out and share the video.

With Ashton Kutcher talking about Vernon Barnard, the media has started to take notice of the singer and his friends and family are touched by the support that the singer has been receiving.

Vernon, however, doesn’t want anyone to listen to his performance after finding out about his blindness and said that he doesn’t want anyone to show him any sympathy. He knows he can make things happen with his powerful voice and that’s enough.

Ashton Kutcher is believed to be a great father and his wife, Mila Kunis has gone on record to state that he is always there to help her out and has taken the responsibility of cleaning the diapers of their daughter since the first day. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis want more kids of their own and it is believed that Ashton Kutcher wants the babies close to each other.

There was a huge buzz when Jobs & Hire informed that Mila Kunis is pregnant since she was spotted with a baby bump while walking with Ashton Kutcher and their daughter at a park a few days back.