Xbox Two and PlayStation 5 Already Under Development, GTA 6 Could Release On PS5, More Details

Reports indicate that GTA 6 will be the first title to launch with it. Then again, keep in mind that Rockstar is yet to comment on any such possibility; hence we don’t advise you to take it literally. However, predictions for the said title suggest a release date of 2018 to 2020, which should coincide with the release of PS5.

As we stated earlier, the biggest threat to the console lineup is that Sony will stop working on its console line-up in order to focus and tinker with the latest VR technology. They will definitely prioritize on the PlayStation VR, earlier known as Project Morpheus.

It might turn into the primary mode of gameplay and completely do away with the classic hand-held controller setup.

Meanwhile, PlayStation 5 could launch as a top-box for the television, which is similar to top boxes used in network television streaming. It will require a really advanced build compared to the present generation PS4, if it really means to triumph over it.

Meanwhile, the graphics and gameplay capabilities of the upcoming console will be quite extraordinary and it should be sufficient to run the upcoming GTA 6!

Stay tuned for more updates on PlayStation 5!