Writers Do Away with The Love Triangle in Girl Meets World Season 3, Riley and Maya Will Fall Apart!

Josh will be heading to college this season and he has gone through the scary world of high school and will help the gang cope with the place. He is going to be friend, philosopher and guide and will try to make their transition to high school a smooth one. Uncle Josh will guide them about their love life as well and will play a very important role in Season 3 of Girl Meets World.

With Girl Meets World becoming popular, the cast of the hit show has to appear for numerous events.  Rowan Blanchard, has reported that she doesn’t like the red carpet.

Parent Herald reported that Rowan Blanchard doesn’t share photos of her red carpet appearance since she ends up looking stressed out and scared. The girl shared a photo from a red carpet moment recently and stated that she is sharing it since this is the first where she doesn’t look stressed out.

According to Hofmag, even Hari Nef has revealed that she doesn’t like the red carpet since she feels that whichever outfit she ends up choosing, will look horrible with all those lights focused on it. Hari Nef went on to add that she and Blanchard should have their own Fashion Police series where they could talk about why they hate the red carpet so much.

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