Writers Do Away with The Love Triangle in Girl Meets World Season 3, Riley and Maya Will Fall Apart!

There is a lot of anticipation about the third season of Girl Meets World. The upcoming season is going to see Riley (Rowan Blanchard), Maya(Sabrina Carpenter) and their friends heading to high school and they will be in a completely different world.

Disney has completed the first part of the series and they are coming out with some interesting updates from Season 3 of Girl Meets World.

The one thing that Disney had confirmed would be a part of Girl Meets World Season 3, is the love triangle between Riley, Lucas (Peyton Meyer) and Maya. The last season had shown that both the girls have feelings for Lucas and it seemed like he liked them both as well. The second season of Girl Meets World had a two part episode titled, Girl Meets Texas, which dealt with this aspect of the story.

It showed Riley taking a step back for her friend Maya. The decision broke her heart, but she placed more importance on the happiness of her friend. The writers have revealed that Ski Lodge episode of Girl Meets World Season 3 is going to deal with the love triangle plot. Fans should be prepared for the fact that the love triangle isn’t going to remain so in Girl Meets World Season 3.

The writers have revealed that they decided to do away with the love triangle since they felt that it shifted focus away from the main plot. The decision was completely a last minute one. The executive producers realized that with Riley and Maya in high school, there are going to be a lot that the girls will face, which will end up challenging their friendship and there was no point in causing them to drift apart because of a boy.

According to Yibada, Riley and Maya will fall apart for a short time because Maya will finally come clean about a secret that she had been keeping to herself. The trailer for Girl Meets World Season 3 shows Riley and Maya holding each other’s hand while moving through the high school, but they get separated because of a sudden rush of students in the corridor. This sequence highlights the testing times that the girls are going to face in the coming season.

The girls had gone through a lot in the middle school, but they always had each other’s back, this is set to change, as is hinted and fans will have to wait and watch to find out what else is in store.

Girl Meets World has become a very popular sitcom on Disney Channel. The fans are interested in seeing how the gang copes with the transition to high school.

High school is a completely different ball game from the middle school that the girls and their friends have been studying in. The gang was one of the most popular in the middle school, but things are going to change for them now.

With Riley, Maya and their friends going to high school, they will need some advice on how to cope with the life there and this is where Uncle Josh will come in. Uriah Shelton had been away for the major part of Girl Meets World Season 2 since he had met with a motorcycle accident. The showrunners had a lot of plans for him, which couldn’t be executed. Now with Shelton coming back, Uncle Josh will be made to play the role of a mentor.