Half-Life 3 Rumors Suggest That It Might Release in 2018, to Come with Full VR-Compatibility, Valve Dropping Hints Regarding the Game? Let’s See

Various rumors regarding Valve’s Half-Life 3 have been circulating around the internet for quite some time. However, the game is yet to be confirmed by the developers. It is one of the most anticipated games of recent times and fans have been anxiously waiting for any kind of solid update regarding the game from any official source.

The latest batch of rumors are suggesting that Half-Life 3 might be rolled out some time in 2018. That being said, mum is still the word for Valve when it comes to the matter. The rumor mill has been quite busy with Half-Life 3 and another rumor claims that an announcement for the game might be made at the Electronic Entertainment Expo of 2017.

The flurry of rumors does not stop here as some reports suggest that the game might be fully VR compatible. It is a known fact that the HTC Vive, which is a Virtual Reality Headset has been jointly developed by HTC and Valve.

Experts claim that Valve is already accustomed with the VR technology and it is highly likely that it will be incorporated into Half-Life 3. The first Half-Life game was released by Valve way back in 1998 and its successor- Half Life 2 was rolled out in 2004.

Both the games were able to garner positive reactions from both fans and critics. In the light of the fact that both the games became immensely popular, it is quite surprising that Valve has not rolled out a third installment yet.

That being said, if indeed the game is released in 2018, experts believe that it will be quite a comeback for the franchise. The game is long anticipated and the hype around it has been building up for a considerable amount of time and thus if actually it is released, it will most definitely go on to become a massive hit among fans.

It should be mentioned here that Marc Laidlaw was the chief writer of the previous two Half-Life games. However, unfortunately, Laidlaw left Valve sometime back and his departure dealt a big blow to the development of the next Half-Life game. It could be one of the reasons behind the delay in the release of the game.

Valve was tight lipped regarding the departure of Laidlaw and thus it is still not known whether the renowned writer had penned down the story for Half-Life 3 before leaving the company. He was one of the reasons behind the immense success of the previous Half-Life games. Ecumenical news reports that Valve will soon come forward with an update regarding the matter.

Gabe Newell, the CEO of Valve had previously stated that he was not too interested in creating another Half-Life game. He referred to the Half-Life series as a classic and added that if a number of people working in Valve would express their desires to create another Half-Life game, only then will the company think of developing it.

In the past it was reported that some fans were able to locate a file in an update for DoTA 2 which was a reference to Half-Life 3. The file was present in the DoTA 2 Reborn update. It was named HL3 and this sparked off rumors that it Valve might be dropping hints about Half-Life 3.

However, it should not be taken as a confirmation for the game itself. It looks like that Valve is trying to make fun of and tease the hardcore fans of the Half-Life series by dropping subtle hints about the game.