World of Warcraft Legion Information Will Be Released Soon, FigurePrints and FabZat Decide to Make 3D-Printed Figures of WOW Characters, And More

They have a smooth import experience and provide unmatched quality in their products. This initiative taken by the companies to bring the characters to life is a perfect move since players spend a lot of time with their characters while building them up to the status of virtual heroes.

Therefore, the chance to immortalize them should come out in a high-quality manner with incredible detail. With the WoW characters brought back to life, they should make for impressive shelf displays.

In other news, Alex Mayberry spent almost a decade as a primary member of Blizzard Tournament and he was also the Senior Producer on 3 great World of Warcraft expansions and was the Lead Producer of the Diablo 3 franchise as well.

Recently, he decided to join Cognitive Code. It is a technological company that specializes in the development and release of practical conversational artificial intelligence systems.

Stay tuned for more updates on World of Warcraft!