World of Warcraft Legion Information Will Be Released Soon, FigurePrints and FabZat Decide to Make 3D-Printed Figures of WOW Characters, And More

At Gamescom 2015, after the announcement of World of Warcraft Legion, things appeared to be pretty quiet in Blizzard about this upcoming expansion. Well, right now, thanks to MMO Champion, it seems like things are about to change with their habit of constantly digging around for more information.

The newly updated account management page presently displays a new background, showing Illidan. As a result, it is possible that some more information regarding World of Warcraft Legion is headed our way. The 6th expansion in the World of Warcraft franchise is highly expected but there is no information regarding when the official reveal will actually take place.

However, keep in mind that this page actually gets updated when Blizzard is ready to introduce something big regarding one of their games. As a result, this seems like a good indication for those people who are currently waiting for some new information regarding this game.

In the meantime, among all Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games in the world, none is more popular than World of Warcraft. It is easily the most popular and also quite extensive and comes with 7 million players worldwide. Furthermore, you will also get some of the most designed and well-crafted players all around.

Recently, there has been an initiative to bring the intricate details of these characters to life in full high-quality along with full color 3D-printed models. FabZat and FigurePrints have therefore partnered up and it has been named as the exclusive European providers for the various 3D printed figures from the World of Warcraft franchise.

Gamers and consumers can easily work with FigurePrints and re-create Minecraft designs and WoW characters which are completely detailed, various kinds of custom 3D printed figures and at the same time, they can use 3D Modeling techniques which were pioneered by manufacturing techniques and special effect houses through which even the most complicated models can be easily created. At the same time, they offer complete name customization, Transmog support along with a legendary weapon selection.

They have also partnered with French company FabZat. They provide in-app personalized merchandizing for various publishers and game developers like Blizzard. With their initiative, dedicated players can be offered custom 3D printed figures and through FabZat’s services, they can be shipped anywhere in the European Union.

The figures can also be further customised using the player name and at the same time, they can be outfitted with same gear that they possess in the game, with the help of the FigurePrints website. After this, the characters are 3D-printed by FabZat by making use of 3D Systems’ Color Jet Printing in full-color sandstone. They technology that is used by them, make sure that they provide high-quality and authentic products.

At the same time, there are various other goodies boasted by FabZat. They include inks for the best rendering, proprietary formula for chemical hardeners and also varnishing which is specifically designed for materials of sandstone. You will find that prices will range from €69.96 to €129.95 for the finished 3D-printed models and the cost will further depend on the level of customization and the size of the figure.

According to Floren Pitoun, FabZat CEO and co-founder, his company will provide all the UE fans of the World of Warcraft franchise with customizable on-demand 3D-printing of the various characters that they prefer. They have been preferred by industry-leading game publishers since they provide a great amount of focus on quality and attention to detail.

Furthermore, CEO of FigurePrints, Ed Fries confirmed that they will be able to provide the best service through the help of FabZat. They are primarily focused on enabling the players to bring their favorite World of Warcraft players to life. With the partnership with FabZat, they can offer a greater level of service.

A lot of European companies were reviewed and finally, it was decided that FabZat will be the perfect partner when it comes to their outstanding reputation for incredibly fast delivery times.