Work On Attack On Titan Season 2 Stalled, Fans Speculate About the Story Ahead, And More Details

Commander Erwin Smith is going to overthrow the king and replace them with the Reiss family. Things are going to become really interesting since the true royal family has the power to become Titans at their own will.

This is not where the excitement stops, the real identity of the Colossal Titan and the Armored Titan will be revealed and the fans will be shocked at what they see. Fans will be shocked to find out that Bertolt Hoover and Reiner Braun are the Colossal Titan and the Armored Titan respectively.

Braun, Bertolt and Ymir are humans who have been rumored to be Titans and they are going to end up abducting Eren Yaeger in the upcoming season of Attack on Titan. The battle of Wall Rose will follow and this will see Eren Yaeger losing his arm in the process, which will cause him to retire.

Since no news of cancellation has been declared yet, fans are hoping that it is a matter of waiting for a few months for Attack on Titan Season 2. They are willing to wait for the original manga to proceed two more arcs so that it is ahead by four story arcs. The fans aren’t keen on original content and would rather wait for the same story as the manga.

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