With Glorious Records Being Made And Broken, Rio Olympics 2016 Is Almost At The Finishing Line, Great Britain Shines Through All The Set Backs

The officials and representatives who successfully bid their way to be able to host the Olympics this year in Rio are now being questioned about the benefits, if any, that were brought along with the Olympic Games. So let’s take a quick overview of the positive and negative aspects that the Olympic Games brought to Rio.

The politicians and administrators who have staked their careers on these games called the entire ordeal a grand success with a reasonably higher number of tourists. All the sales goals were reached, the infrastructure remained stable, and obviously Brazil brought back more medals than in previous games.

While these good points were raised, flaws stood out as well. The massive, unnecessary spending on the stadium at a time when the government can barely afford wages for doctors and teachers was highly criticized.

While Global events like the Olympics put forth all the attention on the host country, once everything comes to an end it seems like the country goes back into oblivion, or rather what we consider as “normal.”

Did any of the inspiring achievements in the Rio 2016 Olympics leave you less than impressed? Who have you been supporting all along? Leave us with your inspiring thoughts and views in the comment section below.