Proud Mother Of Two, Rebecca Judd Flaunts Her Blossoming Baby Bump, Expecting Her Twin Newborns In October

While many people are well familiar with the name of the former Australian Football League player Chris Judd, his wife Rebecca Judd, a beautiful Australian model and television presenter who is currently part of the show Postcard has surely wooed everyone’s mind with her beauty and intellect.

An already doting mother of two beautiful children, their boy, Oscar Dylan, born on July 2011 and their daughter, Billie Kate, born on April 2016 is set to welcome motherhood all over again. Having announced her pregnancy in April 2016, her twin boys are due shortly in October of this year.

Being one of Australia’s most influential lifestyle bloggers, Rebecca took to her blog to share her secrets and tips for expectant mothers as she too embraces motherhood yet again.

Rebecca gifted her fans with a special pregnancy-themed blog post sharing her top tips, beginning with a summary of her workout regimen. She further mentioned that she is and stays fit and toned throughout her pregnancy by doing Great Expectations exercise classes and clinical pilates.

And what better way to share this upcoming glory and happiness than to be pampered with a baby shower? That’s exactly what she did. Judd hosted her baby shower at her extravagant and stunning house in Melbourne on August 14 2016.

She sported a beautiful form fitting turtleneck dress by Dian Lee, showing off her beautiful and blossoming baby bump. And she celebrated her day alongside her close friends Nadia Bartel, fellow Channel Nine host Lauren Phillips, Lana Wilkinson and Suzy Eskander.

But being famous comes with a backlash. Every single movement you make is watched upon, scrutinized and judged. Rebecca Judd was no exception to the unnecessary hate. While her fans and some others were gushing and cooing over her beautiful selfie showing off her bump, misogynistic people had something else to say.

We live in a society where the hate is so prevalent and devastating that an expectant mother can’t get to her social media to share her happiness with everyone without getting called out in the process.

Rebecca hosted a baby shower to celebrate her joy, but the selfie that she uploaded on her Instagram account at the end of the day was what was attacked, because some people pointed out the fact that she is in their view “too skinny to be pregnant”.

And what even is this utter idiocy? People tend to forget that not everybody’s body works in the same way, and everyone’s idea of “being healthy and fit” is different. While some of her fans complemented her with descriptions such as “absolutely stunning” and “divine”, others called her “malnourished” and “unhealthy”.

While Judd’s only intention of uploading her picture was to share her happiness, haters took it as permission to call her names, and insult and disrespect her.

Judd has taken to many interviews to put forth her views regarding all of this, saying that she has always looked like this even with her single baby pregnancies and it’s not unhealthy. She is simply fit and healthy, and completely capable of carrying and giving birth to her children.

Pushing through her final trimester of pregnancy, Rebecca Judd was spotted spending some quality time with her two children Oscar and Billie, while they took to playing different games in the park.