Proud Mother Of Two, Rebecca Judd Flaunts Her Blossoming Baby Bump, Expecting Her Twin Newborns In October

And looks like the little two-year-old Angel Billie knows when her mother needs a little helping hand. The Channel Nine Presenter had a little difficulty while getting up on her feet, and her little girl came to the rescue when she lent her hands to help her mum back to her feet.

While everything seems to be going without any hint of trouble, Judd finally took her maternity leave while through her third trimester. But things got pretty awkward during the farewell.

The soon-to-be new mum who was about to say her farewell to the cast of her channel nine show was faced with an awkward situation, when on Monday night sports presenter Tony Jones tried to kiss her goodbye.

Judd looked extremely uncomfortable and uneasy with the sudden outburst of affection, when Jones swooped in to kiss her on the cheek while wishing her good luck.

The proud and glowing new mum-to-be has always taken to her Instagram profile to proudly share her pregnancy advancements along with the passing days, expressing how excited she is. Well, we wish her all the best for her pregnancy.

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