Winds of Winter: Rumored to Release by Spring 2016, Spoilers Arise, And More

Martin has a bad reputation of killing all beloved characters and fans aren’t being able to rest peacefully since Martin has released a statement saying there is a twist in Winds of Winter that is going to turn the readers crazy. This statement has inevitably made the fans think of the fact that might be Martin has killed off Jon Snow.

The editor of Ediciones Gigamesh, Alejo Cuervo has told The Week that Winds of Winter is likely to be released sometime in the next year. The English edition of the book will be released beforehand since the Spanish publisher will get the English manuscript, which they then have to translate and print.

In order to increase his writing pace and finish Winds of Winter, Martin has supposedly cut down on all his preoccupations. He has refused to be a part of Comic-Cons and has also declined the offer to write the script for Game of Throne since he has a deadline to live up to.

The Australian Network News has reported that Winds of Winter might see a huge war between the Ice and Fire faction. This war is going to be completely destructive for Westeros. There are chances that the Iron Throne might have to be destroyed in the process since it is made of Valyrian steel.

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