Winds of Winter: Rumored to Release by Spring 2016, Spoilers Arise, And More

You wouldn’t believe it, but there’s a rumor doing the rounds that Winds of Winter is already completed by George R. R. Martin. It has been a wait of over four years for the fans of the A Song of Ice and Fire.

A Dance with Dragons came out way back in 2011 and fans have been waiting ever since then to read what happens next.

George R. R. Martin has never been someone to give any importance to the deadlines, but after waiting for four years and more, fans are getting a little impatient.

Every question about when Winds of Winter is expected to be complete is met with the same answer – he will let the fans know when he is officially done writing the book and that they shouldn’t pay any heed to the rumors circulating on the internet.

Martin is one writer who is very particular of where and how he writes his work. Parent Herald has reported that he has confessed to writing his books, currently Winds of Winter only when he is back home.

This news has shocked a few fans because George R. R, Martin is usually globetrotting on his different press meets and appearances.

Martin has confessed that he isn’t able to write while he is living in a hotel room or when he is traveling in a plane. He can write only when he is back in his room and sitting on his writing table. Martin has said that even with the fans urging him to write fast, he can’t do anything about it since it is not possible for him to change his pace.

Christian Today has reported that there is another reason for Winds of Winter not being able to meet its deadlines. It is because George R. R. Martin has been making a cameo in Syfy’s Z Nation.

Martin has appeared in the 30th October episode as a zombie version of himself. Martin was a collector zombie and his owner supposedly used his muscle memory to sign novels and one day hopes to be rich by selling the novels.

HBO had adapted A Song of Ice and Fire series for the television. Game of Thrones became an unprecedented success. There were numerous fans who started reading the book only after seeing the television series.

Game of Thrones finished their fifth season this year and with the sixth installment, Winds of Winter, unavailable, they have decided to proceed with the plot for the television series on their own.

There was some hope before Game of Thrones Season 5 that Martin might rush to finish Winds of Winter since he wouldn’t want HBO to give a different twist to his story. The loyalist of the series aren’t very happy with the fact that HBO is going to end up following a trajectory that might be completely different from the one that Martin might have had in his mind.

However, HBO has to release Game of Thrones Season 6 in March next year and with Martin not giving any concrete information about when he can finally publish the book they had no other option, but to go with their original take on the events.

The sixth installment of the series ended with Jon Snow being badly wounded by the brothers in the Night’s Watch. The cliff-hanger has left the fans in a complete mess because they still don’t know what the fate of the beloved character is.