Winds of Winter: Release Date Revealed, Speculation About Jon Snow And Daenerys, More Details

The Emmy Awards recently held also confirmed this news with the host for the night Andy Samberg publicly thanking the author for informing him that Jon Snow is going to survive the brutal attack on him. Jon Snow’s fate was discussed ever since the fifth season ended.

After the Emmy Awards confirmation that Jon Snow is alive, it looks like David Benioff, the co-creator for Game of Thrones has given up trying to project that he is dead. While host Andy Samberg was talking about the fate of Jon Snow, Benioff was seen shaking his head behind Martin; either at the absurdity of the situation or that there is no way that they can continue with the notion that Jon Snow is dead in the series.

Apart from the fate of Jon Snow, the other plot that the readers are waiting to find out about in Winds of Winter is the fate of Daenerys. Daenerys, it is speculated, will be reaching Westeros faster than the readers expect her to and she is likely to face an obstacle in her path.

The obstacle will not be from the House of Baratheon or the House of Lannister, but from the Faith of the Seven. Daenerys is not the most religious person and with the Sevens more powerful than ever things might get difficult. The High Sparrow has already held trails for both the queens and Daenerys is not someone to give in easily.

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